Nathalie and Natasha Bataller, Class of 2020


Trinity Reyes, Class of 2019


Class of 2016

"I was a part of the Lions’ Pride Chamber Singers for three years. Through this ensemble, I was given many opportunities to sing and travel to places. This includes Hawaii, Rome, and the Bahamas. Some of my best memories were made on these trips. Being in this ensemble prepared me to go to a music school, and for that, I’m extremely appreciative." - Trinity Reyes, Class of 2019

"As my high school career comes to an end and I reminisce about all my experiences, I owe much of my happiness and success to choir. I was so blessed to be a part of this program. I didn’t just get to perform all over the community; I got to perform all over the country. Some of the greatest memories and friendships I’ve made throughout high school were made on the choir trips to New York and Hawaii. Being able to perform together at these prestigious locations was such an amazing blessing. This choir program, thanks to the incredible hard work and determination of Ms. LeRoy, has taught me so many important life lessons that will help me achieve my goals in the future. Among these are time-management skills, social skills, strong work ethic, patience, accountability, self-confidence, charity, humility, commitment, and discipline. Most importantly, my experience in choir has taught me how to set goals and accomplish them. To all of those who are in choir, I urge you to stick with it; you will not regret your decision. To those of you who are considering joining the program or maybe haven’t even considered it, please give choir a chance; It will change your life forever." - Mark Vogt, Class of 2017

"As the year goes by, things will get frustrating. There will be tears, screaming, tension, laughs, happy tears, etc. Take it from someone who has been in the program for 4 years. Always look back and remember why you decided to join choir. There is nothing more rewarding than standing in front of a crowd and making beautiful music with your favorite people (maybe not your favorite). ML does so much for us…don't forget to thank her once in a while for her blood, sweat, and tears. You'll miss her. I know I already do and I haven't even left yet. You will carry these memories with you forever, so just hold on. Make it worth it." - Adamaris Ceja, Class of 2016